About Klas Oil

Klas Oil EAD has been one of the leading companies in the food industry for ten years and is well known on the Bulgarian market. Established in 2001 by Kenan Yilmaz and Mert Yilmaz, today Klas Oil EAD is the “head” of the Klas Family.

The main activities of the company are: purchase and processing of oilseeds, production of crude and refined oils, production of by-products – meal, fatty acids etc. and internal and foreign trade with products manufactured by the company.

Production capacity

Currently the company’s production capacity for processing of oilseeds – sunflower and rapeseed – is 150,000 tonnes.

Quality of the production

Due to its high-quality production, Klas Oil EAD has gained a leading position not only on the Bulgarian, but on the European market as well. The company has established traditions in the work with the leading international chains and with the leaders in the field of the trade with rapid turnover foodstuffs.


The extraordinary results, which the company achieves, are also due to its highly qualified staff, which currently numbers about 300 people. The management team consists of young and experienced professionals. The established management structure gives opportunities for taking dynamic and efficient solutions.

The management of Klas Olio has been entrusted to professional managers, experts in their areas and is performed at the head office of the company in Karapelit village, Dobrich district.