Christmas charity

Dec 13, 2017

On 13 December 2017 a Christmas celebration will take place in the village of Karapelit. The festive program will include children from the kindergarten, the amateur local artistic staff and the singing group at the community center, children from the local school dressed like „koledari” and “survakari.
All guest will get sweets and drinks, provided by donors. The owner of “Klas Oil” Mr. Mertgun Yilmaz has donated 360 bottles of sunflower oil, which will be distributed to all pensioners in the village, disabled people and orphan children.
Guests of the celebration will be the mayor of the Dobrich municipality Toshko Petkov, the chairman of the General Council Donko Marev, the deputies Daniela Dimitrova and Plamen Manushev, mayors of smaller neighboring settlements.