Tripartite summit to discuss investor interest in Dobrich

Jul 11, 2014

Representatives of the holding BBCA Group China, including general manager Highway Hi, today held a meeting with the Governor Nedko Marchev and his deputy Ismet Abil. The meeting was initiated by the Executive Director of “Klas Olio” Ltd. Erhan Fikret whose company is a business partner of the Chinese corporation. The owner of “Klas Olio” Ltd. Mert Yilmaz also presented the meeting. Officials from Bulgarian side were the deputy minister of agriculture and food Yavor Getchev, Kostadin Dzhatev – deputy executive director of the bulgarian investment agency, the deputy mayor of Dobrich Ildaz Yusun and the mayor of Tervel Zhivko Georgiev.

The purpose of the visit in Dobrich is to discuss ideas for establishment of long-term business relationship with “Klas Olio” Ltd., said Mr. Hee, including construction of new processing plants sunflower seeds and other agricultural products, and also launching new projects. He presented information on BBCA Group China – a huge holding company with an annual turnover of over $ 6 billion, with manufacturing facilities and factories on three continents.

Welcoming the guest, district governor Nedko Marchev stressed the importance of “Klas Olio” Ltd. in the economic profile of the region, arguing that appreciates the activities of this modern, dynamic company that is among the leaders in the food industry, well known on the Bulgarian market since 2001, whose products now enjoy a strong interest abroad, including Asian and African market.

During the conversation, the governor, deputy executive director of the Agency for Foreign Investments and vice minister Yavor Getchev, highlighted the benefits of our country as one of the best places to invest in view of macroeconomic and financial stability and the most favorable tax environment in the European Union. Also mentioned were the adopted by the Bulgarian government important steps to attract investors. Stated was strong support and willingness to cooperate on the part of government and state institutions to facilitate future investment intentions in the region.

At the end of the meeting, district governor Nedko Marchev wished the contacts established between “Klas Olio” Ltd. and the world famous Chinese holding company to develop a long-term partnership. The governor is convinced because there is potential, there are opportunities and prospects, as well as government support to encourage foreign investors.

Information about BBCA Group China – world famous holding an annual turnover of over $ 6 billion, with manufacturing facilities and factories on 3 continents. Develop production in the field of pharmacy, biofuels, food industry.
Recent investments in the holding:
– Brazil 2013 – corn processing plant and 1.4 billion port terminal value – 320 million dollars.
– Hungary 2012 – a plant for the production of citric acid and organic products – $ 150 million
– Thailand, the -2011 – plant $ 150 million.